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  • Kheerganga trek from bhuntar
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  • Kheerganga trek
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Kheerganga trek package is one the most liked package in Himachal. In season every day 100 of trekker go to kheerganga. Kheerganga has one of the best and beautiful trails for both beginner and experienced trekker. The most beautiful thing about this trek is the hot spring in which you relaxed your body after having so much stress by the hustle bustle life of the city. The trek is easy till rudarnaag(it is the center of the kheerganga trek)after this trek become more challenging.

Trekking Accommodations
Dinner Breakfast Professional guide
Personal Expenses

You can also customize kheerganga trek packages:

We have three types of kheerganga trek packages

  1. From Delhi to Delhi : In this package you will get our assistance from to Delhi to Delhi. From Delhi to Bhuntar in Volvo and after that in Taxi and vice versa for Delhi.
  2. Bhuntar to Bhuntar : This package is good for those people who want to come by their own till Bhuntar.
  3.  From Barshaini to Barshaini : This package is good for those people who have their own vehicle and who wanna join us at Barshaini or Kasol.

The price for this trek package is for 2nd one Bhuntar to Bhuntar.

A full Travel Guide for Kheerganga trek 



Day 1: Barshaini to Kheerganga

After reaching at Barshaini we will start our trek towards Kheerganga. Night stay will be in the tents.


Day 2: Kheerganga to Barshaini

After Morning breakfast we will start our trek back to barshaini.


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